Technology Update on Die-less Forming of Lightweight Metal Components

Date : 15-Aug-2018
Time : 1.30pm - 6.00pm
Venue : Seminar Rooms 1 & 2, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) @ NTU, 73 Nanyang Dr
Registration : Registration Closed


This seminar aims to update local companies on the development on dieless and flexible metal forming processes. As more and more Singapore companies are working into high mix low volume production, they need to equip themselves with the technologies that allow them to have flexibility to change and modify the desired parts on demand, as well as to reduce the investment cost for each design changes. The technology on milling centre enabled sheet forming, forming of tailored strips or blanks by progressive forging, as well as robot-enabled incremental sheet forming will be presented, along with example of potential parts to be made.

Dieless forming technologies can open a new array of opportunities to local companies. With high volume parts manufacturing is driven out of Singapore to seek more competitive labour cost, there is great value adding opportunity in producing low volume parts that commands higher price in the market. The three technologies presented in the seminar are aimed specifically with a few salient points: a) they are highly automated, b) they can be adapted from conventional equipment that companies already have, and c) they require minimum investment for part design changes. In addition, the team at FTG also would like to garner interests on industry alignment fund (IAF) to get companies to co-participate in the development of these technologies, with the end goal to have early access to these technologies.


Technical and business managers working in the space of metalworking and machining who are looking for new capability using existing machinery such as CNC machining centres, robot arms, and metalworking press, as well as engineers interested to know more about state-of-the-art metal forming processes.






Welcome Address

By Dr Sun Zheng, Deputy Director, Sustainable Manufacturing Centre, SIMTech


Keynote Speech: Advanced Forming Technology by the Use of Incremental Deformation

By Dr Danno Atsushi, Senior Consultant, Precision Engineering Centre of Innovation, SIMTech


Cost Effective Incremental Forming of Sheet Metal Parts

By Dr Suwat Jirathearanat, Senior Scientist, Metal and Ceramic Processing Team, SIMTech


Tailored Blanks: Load-Optimized Beams and Strips by Progressive Forging

By Dr Muhammad Taureza, Senior Research Engineer, Metal and Ceramic Processing Team, SIMTech




Technology Demonstrations

1. Milling Machine Enabled Dieless Forming

2. Tailored Blanks by Progressive Forging

3. Robotic Dieless Forming


Business Update: Collaborating with SIMTech and Industry Alignment Fund

By Dr Chua Beng Wah, Team Lead, Metal and Ceramic Processing Team, SIMTech &

Ms Joyce Ling, Industry Development Manager, Sustainable Manufacturing Centre, SIMTech